Bergen Airport

Bergen Norway

Bergen, the city situated at west coast of Norway has secured a place into the World Heritage List from UNESCO. It is known as “The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway”; it is the city with small town like feel as well as one of the world’s most spectacular tourist destinations from ages.

Bergen Airport Flesland

The Bergen Airport is located at Flesland located 12 miles south west of Bergen; it’s an international airport opened in 1955; having second largest air traffic in Norway recorded more than 6,000,000 passengers in 2014. One public terminal is there for both international and domestic flights and another terminal is dedicated to helicopters only; the main terminal covers around 21000 square meters. The airport operates around 20 scheduled airlines with 35 international and 19 domestic destinations; they also provide 10 regular charter services through the line.

The Airport Express Coach is always there to serve all the scheduled flights

Connectivity is the thing you don’t need to bother about

Bergen Airport Bus Service

The Bergen Airport is very well connected to the cities and towns around. There is official Airport Bus Service right from airport to/from Bergen City Centre; the first bus boards around at 4 with every 15-20 minutes interval from 6:00-20:00 (Monday-Friday). Other private Bus service players are also ready to take you or drop you from wherever you want.


The Taxi stand is situated very close to airport entrance. So you have to hardly spend some 30-40 minutes to get to the city centre. Some of companies you may call upon are: Bergen airport transfers, Norgestaxi, Taxi1 and so on.

Facilities you got

Bergen Airport Duty Free Shop

Bergen airport is well connected to nearby local markets, hotels, other stations and restaurants. There is a duty-free shop for every passenger from where they get to their respective flights; a special corridor is also given to the passengers with special ailments like allergies or something. There are 11 terminal gates and all of them have jet bridges. A fire station is not so away from the airport.

The parking space is sufficient for large number of cars, buses etc. Additionally, there are other 21 remote parking spaces are available too.


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